le cirque du platzak (NL)

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Location: gillingham school

A man with a fascination for lawnmowers and lettuce, a temperamental Italian aerialist fighting with a Spanish toreador and an acrobat obsessed with staplers – just some of the eccentric characters in this high-energy show, peppered with rousing live klezmer music.

the company
Le Cirque du Platzak are 12 international highly-skilled music and circus artists who have been touring Europe to great acclaim for the past five years.

venue choice
Mentioned in great literature such as in the works of Thomas Hardy, Gillingham lies near the borders of Somerset and Wiltshire in the heart of the Blackmore Vale. It’s the most northerly part of the county that we’ve ever visited with the main festival programme, although the school’s own theatre has previously welcomed other contemporary circus we’ve brought to Dorset in the past. These connections, combined with an enviable central location, made the school grounds a natural choice.

visitor information
For detailed access information, please see the Kermiz Access Guide (pdf).

festival food and drink
Locally-sourced refreshments available before and after the show.


Photos: JMA Photography

About the artist:

le cirque du platzak (NL)

Le Cirque du Platzak are 12 international highly-skilled music and circus artists who have been touring Europe to great acclaim for the past five years.

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Supported by:

With thanks to Gillingham School. Core funded by Dorset County Council and Borough of Poole.