coastal encounters

various artists

Saturday 15 September, 12noon - 6pm
Sunday 16 September, 12noon - 6pm
Location: Boscombe Overcliff and surroundings
FREE and suitable for all ages

See our world from a new perspective. Surprises await across Boscombe and its surroundings, with a series of unique performances and installations from international artists. With a delicious array of food and drink to enjoy on-site!

About the artists:

De Weide Wereld


This striking interactive installation highlights the plight of meadow birds threatened by intensive use of grassland. Through integrated audio and video systems, the audience can both literally and figuratively climb inside the head of local birdlife and experience the landscape from their unique perspective.

12noon – 6.00pm

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Manimal: Gesticulating, a way of thinking about the World

Les Souffleurs Commandos Poétiques

Les Souffleurs will become hybrid beings, half-human, half-animal, in and around Boscombe, creating improvised nests, popping up in the landscape and then disappearing again. And though fragile and wild, they are also curious…

12noon – 6.00pm

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Fl-utter-ances (Tree Songs)

Jane Pitt with Lorna Rees

Lounge in sound, bathe your ears in breezy sound-scapes and laid back tree songs created in the Bournemouth treescape with volunteers from Cherry Tree Plant Nursery. Relax in our clifftop sonic glade, experience a digital ambient mix of audio ebbs, flows and leaf-whelmed song that take you to another plane. With live acoustic performances across the day.

12noon – 6.00pm

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Collectief Walden

Collectief Walden present Olie, a thrilling UK premier. This confronting performance and installation investigates how greed, specifically around the mining and consumption of oil, can influence, inform and damage the landscape around us.

12noon – 6.00pm

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Those Who Are Not Here Are Here

Stacked Wonky Dance

Pause, sit a while, look outwards and in. There are over 60 benches in and around Boscombe Overcliff remembering lives lived. Join Stacked Wonky as we animate a scattering of these. For those who are not here are here.

12noon – 6.00pm

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Prose in the Park

Dave The Shouting Mute

Prose in the Park is a fully inclusive, creative collaboration of a local artist inspired by local stories, that tells the untold history of Shelley Park. Travel through the trees and travel through time, as personal memories are put into words in this enchanting art installation.

12noon – 6.00pm

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Museum of Trees

Giorgia Garancini

Arts University Bournemouth graduate artist Giorgia Garancini has created a brand new new work for Coastal Encounters, inspired by the unique surroundings of Shelley Park. This site specific installation will create a reflective space for the common tree to be truly observed and appreciated in its natural surrounding.

12noon – 6.00pm

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Dorset Youth Dance and The Remix

From the powerful Sea Dragon to the haunting Mermaids of the deep, legend has it the ocean is full of mythical creatures… Inspired by tales from the sea, the hidden world of monsters and beasts will come alive as The Remix take you on a journey of discovery.

12noon – 6pm (Sunday only)

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Writing Workshop

Thomas Lamers from Collectief Walden

The first step of a new project leading to a professional commission for a writer to devise a large-scale outdoor performance for the 2020 Inside Out Dorset Festival, we are delighted to offer a wonderful opportunity for professional and emerging writers to expand their practice by working with European artist and theorist Thomas Lamers from the acclaimed Dutch performance group, Collectief Walden.

Tickets £15


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Photo by Tony Gill

Supported by:

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Valentine Trust, Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Charitable Foundation. Thanks to Bournemouth Parks.