We received feedback from audience members who attended the Wayfaring event at Littlebredy, telling us they had been affected by the themes that And Now had explored: farming, consumption, our connection to the earth and our landscape and mass-market food production.

photo Tony Gill
Activate’s Inside Ou Dorset Festival, Watfaring, And Now: photo,Tony Gill

We are pleased to announce that Wayfaring was just the beginning of a longer exploration by And Now as they commence an ambitious partnership project, Life Cycles & Landscapes that will see a large-scale artistic and heritage work ‘The Way’ travelling to specific sites from North Norfolk to Dorset in 2018, along an ancient 400 mile road,The Icknield Way which is the inspiration for the whole programme of work.

The Wayfaring event at Inside Out Dorset Festival was part of the initial research and development for the larger brief. Further professional development residencies will take place throughout 2017 and into 2018, for artists, heritage and environmental practitioners who are interested in collaborating in outdoor arts.

Activate's Inside Out Dorset Festival, Wayfaring, And Now. Photo Tony Gill
Activate’s Inside Out Dorset Festival, Wayfaring, And Now. Photo Tony Gill

This exciting and ground breaking partnership between Activate, artists And Now: and Landscapes for Life (the National Association of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) aims to explore, celebrate and promote the landscape and the heritage of the ancient route and to create a national strategic agreement made between outdoor arts and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB). Our other key partners for this project are Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Oerol Festival.