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The sun shone, the seafood was in abundance and the Champagne flowed.

Everything came together to make for a spectacular weekend at the Pommery Dorset Seaffod Festival which happened on 8th & 9th July.

Inside Out Dorset had a bespoke harbourside entertainment area (by the old Weymouth Council offices). The was live music housed in our Guitar Boats, Dorset ciders, cocktails and of course, the full-on wonder of an outdoor circus stage, created especially for the occasion.

Netherlands based collective, Cirque du Platzak arrived with 11 international performers and musicians and set to work amazing the audience with Kermiz, their darkly comic show involving stunts with lawnmowers, plastic sheeting and beer bottles, all used in ingenious – some might say, dangerous – ways.

There was joyous live Klezmer music on stage to help the action along which was peppered with plenty of laughs and clever audience involvement.

Meanwhile, throughout the Seafood Festival, as well as in our performance area, we had pop-up Guitar Boats, cheering passers-by with guitar music and song. They proved to be very popular and brought a few shy musicians out of their shells. Each boat had a guitar or a ukelele inside and anyone who fancied having a go was encouraged to try.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the day – can you spot yourself in the audience?

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